We could produce your solder paste stencil for SMD assembly.


 SMD-Stencils are an absolute necessity for SMT circuit board assembly.

 We offer of a large selection of stencils cut with laser, etching or mechanically.

 Our stencils are made from new silver / copper-nikel-silver alloy  or stainless steel.


Max. size:

- 300x350mm (etched);

- 600x600mm (cut with laser);


Material in thicknesses: 100µm and 150µm

Lead time: Ready in 3 work days

Minimum cut width :  0.004 inch

Pads : Limitless

Text characters : Free of charge


Prices for  SMD stencils
-200x200mm - 25.00 euro* (etched);
-300x350mm - 41.00 euro* (etched);

-600x600mm - 95.00 euro*(cut with laser);

If you need a special perforation to mount the stencil in a frame (e.g. for automated assembly), then please contact us by e-mail. For your order we will need the data sheet of  the frame!

 *All Prices  exclude VAT and Delivery.