PT4115 SOT89-5

PT4115 SOT89-5

Price: €0.4500

Drill & Annular rings

 1. Drill diameter

All drill diameter from 0.4mm (0.2mm by series production) in steps of 0,1mm are available.

Plated-through holes are drilled approx. 0.1mm larger than the final diameter specified (the final diameter is achieved by the plating). 

If this increase is considered in the design, this should be specified in the order.

For component holes, annular rings have to be made larger. 

You have to output separete Drilling program for PTH and another one for Non-PTH.

Holes with a final diameter from 6.00mm are milled.



2. Annular rings

Annular rings by plated holes:

To ensure a surrounding annular ring around the holes, the following parameters in the layout should be observed.


Annular rings by non-plated holes: