PT4115 SOT89-5

PT4115 SOT89-5

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Solder-stop mask

1. Tasks and characteristics of the solder mask

The solder mask serves for:
- Protection against short circuits during soldering
- Isolation of the PCB surface to other elements (eg. components or housing)
- PCB Protection from mechanical or chemical influences
- Improved electrical characteristics with better insulating values
2. Design advice
Clearance :
For component holes and SMD pads the clearance (spacing between copper to solder-stop) should be at least 0,2mm, in order manufacture with extreme tolerances to be avoided. 
Connectors (plug area) must not be covered by solder-stop completely
The gold fingers are manufactured using “hard gold” (electroplated gold). Plated-through holes within the contact area is not acceptable.
3. Non plated holes:
Non-plated through holes must not be covered by solder-stop.The clearance (spacing between drill to solder-stop) should be at least 0.4 mm (all around 0.2 mm).