PT4115 SOT89-5

PT4115 SOT89-5

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Design guidelines

1. Minimum distances on printed circuit boards

The following table gives only approximate values.
The values listed below are valid for "normal" middle European conditions and protected from weather influences.
In severe conditions (moisture, chemically polluted air, high altitude, high temperature, ..)  are valid other values.


2. Current carrying capacity of traces 


The following table provides only approximate values.

In the current carrying conductor tracks carry weight a large number of factors.

The exact calculation for each case is very complex.

The information is provided without warranty.

The values listed below are valid for "normal" middle European conditions

and protected from weather influences.

At higher temperatures are valid reduced ampacity. 

Think of the heat removal from the circuit board.

The following values ??are valid for up to 30 degrees Celsius.

When the current capacity doesn't enough, then create a through-hole printed circuit board whit traces on two levels one above the other.




3. Current carrying capacity of vias


Holes where through-hole components are soldered, are amplified electrically by the connecting wires of the components, therefore play no role in this regard.