This is the the right place for completing your project using our  Full PCB Assembly service.


 After finishing the exciting PCB design, in order to assure your project will lead to succes, you will have to go through the annoying and time-consuming sourcing of components. Only the ones who have spend days of struggling to manage the assembly of that one PCB will realize how helpfull our services actually are.


 The innovative technologies demand the usage of  a variety of components which are very often hard to find in distributors' stores. Moreover, a single delivery of the components would cost much more than the combined one we ussually arrange.


So save your time & money and choose the the best option - choose US.



Full PCB  Assembly Turn-Key

Partial PCB Assembly Turn-Key



Profiants is your competent partner in the field of:


- Assembly, SMD / THT/ Mix

- equipment manufacturing, Wire & Cable Sets

- Functional test and all kinds Documentation

- purchasing of materials

- Customer-specific services

- Mix Assembly




Our manufacturing process is supported by the use of modern production systems.




We undertake and organize for you all sequences of operation, the production, the

Materials procurement and functional test - in short:


everything from one source.


• PCB Productioin/PCB purchasing

• Components supply

• inspection equipment

• Packaging

• Shipping