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PT4115 SOT89-5

PT4115 SOT89-5

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R0805  2K7  5% 0,125W

R0805 2K7 5% 0,125W

Price: €0.0100
R0805  18K 5% 0,125W

R0805 18K 5% 0,125W

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C0603 1.0uF 25V X7R


Capacitor:ceramic; 1.0uF 25V X7R +-10%

  • Code: C06031U25V
  • Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
  • Weight: 0.000 Kgs

Rating: Rating: 04


Price: €0.0100

Detailed Description

Capacitor typeceramic: MLCC Capacitance 1uF Operating voltage 25V Dielectric C0G (NP0) Tolerance ±10% Mounting SMD Case 0603 Operating temperature -55...125°C


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