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PT4115 SOT89-5

PT4115 SOT89-5

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R0805  2K7  5% 0,125W

R0805 2K7 5% 0,125W

Price: €0.0100
R0805  18K 5% 0,125W

R0805 18K 5% 0,125W

Price: €0.0100

R0805 18K 5% 0,125W


Manuf. part. no.:0805S8J0183T50 Resistor: SMD, Case: 0805 , Tolerance ±5%, 0,125W

  • Code: R080518k5-U
  • Manufacturer: Uni Ohm
  • Weight: 0.000 Kgs

Rating: Rating: 04

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Price: €0.0100

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Resistor type thick film Mounting SMD Case 0805 Resistance 18K Power 0.125W Tolerance ±1% Operating temperature -55...125°C Max. operating voltage 150V Max. overload voltage 300V


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